Damage Stability
  • A graphical view of Equilibrium Damaged Condition of vessel
  • Each compartment is modeled accurately using Lines Plan / Structural drawings to generated Hydrostatics & KN curves and use the same for computations at various trims
  • Damage Stability Report showing status of the vessel before & after damage
  • Flexibility to choose various combinations of compartments, along with pre-loaded Damage cases
  • All the required significant criteria like – MARPOL, MODU, IGC, SOLAS, IBC incorporated
  • Flexibility to change the default PERMEABILITY of the compartments
  • Outflow calculation with Grounding
Online Sounding
  • Online sounding module to be integrated with tank gauging system to gauge the tank levels in real time which updates the Loading Program automatically.
  • Height of water in the tanks (from Tank Gauging System) will be taken in program and lling ratios of the tanks / intact stability results can be seen on screen.
  • Interface Required:
    Protocol :       MODBUS
    Transmission Mode :       RTU/ASCII
    Transmission Cable :       RS-485
    PLC Addresses of Tanks