Preparing Loading Conditions
  • Can Create & Store New Loading Conditions
  • Retrieve and Edit Stored Loading Conditions
  • Tank / Hold Filling by Weight, Volume, Percentage and Sounding/Ullage Depth
  • Provision for Correction in Sounding due to Trim and Heel User Defined Parameters for:
    • VCG Maximum or VCG from Sounding Table
    • FSM Maximum or from Sounding Tables or User Defined
  • FSM Maximum or from Sounding Tables or User Defined
Warnings, Checks & Error Prevention
  • Load line Draft and Excessive Trim
  • Maximum permissible VCG exceeding
  • Any of the Stability criteria violation
  • Propeller Immersion and Minimum Forward Draft
  • Permissible Still water Bending moment and Shear force
  • Net Tank Top strength
  • Audio alarms for criteria violations
  • User-defined constraints of Draft, Trim checks
  • Special Constraints such as Minimum Ballast Draft, Propeller Immersion
Computation of Drafts & Intact Stability
  • Draft, Trim, Heel, GoMt, FSM & KG computations
  • Displacement & Dead weight calculations
  • IMO Intact Stability as per IMO A-749 and compliance comparison
  • Wind Heeling Moment calculations as per IMO A-562
  • Rolling Period calculations as per IMO A-749
Computation of Longitudinal Strength
  • SF/BM calculation at the prescribed frame
  • Comparison with the allowable values
  • Shear Force correction at bulkheads
  • Graphical display of the calculation results
Special and Optional Features
  • Ballast Exchange
  • Loading/ Discharging Sequencer
  • Autoloader
  • URS 17 module (for checking flooded strength and Block Loading Curves)
  • Draft Survey to find unknown Weights and to adjust Deadweights.
  • Ability to check for multiple (various) Loadline.
  • Network version of the software.