Bulk Carrier
  • Adjacent / Block loading / permissible tank to strength warning
  • SF correction at bulkheads
  • Permissible tank top / Net tank top strength warning loading
  • Grain Stability calculations according to grain code
  • Flooded Strength Calculation
  • All URS requirements for a new bulk carrier
Oil / Chemical Carrier
  • Use of ASTM Petro measure tables i.e. table 54A/54B/6A/6B
  • User defined VCF for chemicals
  • Cargo Compatibility warnings
  • Input as density as well as API
  • ISO Wedge correction computation
  • Provision of standard and customized format for Ullage report generation for tankers and chemical cargo carrier
  • Capability to make Heel and Trim correction to Ullage entry
  • Online interface to Ullage and temperature inputs
Gas Carrier
  • Gas cargo summary and Gas cargo report
  • Cargo Quantity Calculations and various corrections to cargo volume
  • Vast Database of properties for various gases
Container Vessel
  • Cargo handling functions for Loading Port / Discharging Port, Shifting of container Control, Segregation Check, Container Sorting, Container Status
  • Graphical View for stowage Plan, Bay section, Plan/profile
  • Deck Strength and Stack Weight warning for containers
  • Preparation of bay plans with user defined parameter
  • Assigning Container properties
  • Read / Write from Baplie file and container details from excel file
  • Torsion Calculations
  • Container loading as per latest IMDG Code
Anchor Handling Supply Vessel
  • FI Fi Criteria
  • Tow Rope Criteria
  • Drag and Drop of deck cargo
  • Multi Deck load display options
  • Deck Cargo identification by mouse pointing
  • Visual alarm for loading constraint violation
  • Deck Cargo location interference check
  • Anchor Chain Tension and Payout Correction
  • Choice of Azimuth directions for stability calculations
  • Graphical and Interactive Deck Loading interface with Grid
  • Allowable Residual Deck Load check against Permissible deck load
Passenger Vessel
  • Deckwise loading of number of passengers
  • Checking of Crowding criteria
  • Checking of Turning criteria
Jack-up Rig
  • Jack up Mode:
    • Load Calculation for Operational Mode & Survival Mode - Leg Load, Chord Load & Spudcan Uplift Load due to wave/ current for various water depths
    • Warning when the parameters exceeds
    • Load variations due to Cantilever positions
  • Pre load Mode:
    • Preload assessment, schedule and plan
    • Load Calculations
  • Floating Mode:
    • Calculation of loads and moments due to various solids and liquid bulks.
    • Calculation / interpolation of Hydrostatic curves, righting moments, Healing Moments, Allowable KG, Metacentric Heights etc. Floatation stability with variable position of leg available with / without Spudcans empty