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JUR A an existing Jackup Drilling Unit is being converted to an Offshore Production Installation. On completion of FEED studies and establishing the feasibility, detailed Engineering is being carried out.

Naval Architecture

  1. Weight/CG Determination of the lightship
  2. Extensive Stability Analysis – covering Intact & Damage stability carried out
  3. 3D Space engineering taking into account MODU Safety Requirements
  4. Space arrangements complying all loadline requirements, watertight integrity/subdivision requirements and hazardous area requirements

Structural Engineering

  1. Dynamic Analysis of the Global Elevated Model
  2. Linear Extreme Wave Time Domain Analysis to calculate the wave loading including dynamic response on the legs
  3. Elevated Leg Strength Analysis considering soil springs
  4. Leg Reinforcement iwo the leg guides
  5. Spud Can / Leg Soil Collapse Analysis
  6. Global elevated hull analysis
  7. Buckling and Ultimate Strength Analysis of Hull Panels
  8. Leg Well & Jack House Analysis for increased interface Loads
  9. Spectral Fatigue analysis of leg but welds, tubular connections, leg – spud can interface
  10. Fatigue Analysis of the Hull, Jack House and Leg Well
  11. Seismic Analysis of the Elevated Unit
  12. Crane Pedestal Design and Hot Spot Fatigue Analysis
  13. Raw Water Tower Design and Engineering
  14. Helideck Upgrade as per CAP 437
  15. Top Side Structural Outfitting
  16. Living Quarters Tier Addition and Block Engineering

Marine/Process Engineering

  1. Developed all Utilities P&IDs
  2. Pump & Other Equipment sizing
  3. Flow calculations and pipe sizing
  4. Extensive studies carried out to establish/utilize the existing pumps and other systems

Electrical & Instrumentation Engineering

  1. Emergency Generator sizing
  2. Load lists
  3. Lighting Arrangements
  4. Transformer sizing

Safety Engineering

  1. Compliance with MODU Code safety
  2. Compliance with ABS rules on Offshore Installations
  3. Participation/Compliance in HAZOP/HAZID/SIL studies

Interface Engineering

  1. System design of all utilities to the Top side
  2. System design for the Emergency Power supply
  3. System Design for Safety comprising fire water and CO2 systems

Layout Engineering

  1. 3-D models & Clash Analysis
  2. Developed layouts for Switch gear rooms and Pump rooms
  3. Layouts designed for minimizing Hazardous zone requirements
  4. Layouts also designed for Proper material handling
  5. Development of material handling facilities
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