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Mechanical & Piping Engineering

    1. Layouts

      Layout Design with Machinery and Equipment layout with the help of extensive use of intelligent 3D model considering the functional and operational aspects of the machineries, subdivision of the hull, overall weight distribution on the machinery deck, optimization of piping network, access and escape routes, maintenance requirements and material handling aspect.

    2. Machinery Sizing & Specifications

      Preparation of detailed technical specification of machinery and equipments as per tender requirements and applicable codes/standards. Selection of correct parameters and details to meet the system requirements, specific requirements of offshore floating installations and optimized design.

    3. P&IDs

      Preparation of Mimic diagrams and Process Flow diagrams for various systems. Preparation of detailed P&IDs based on PFDs and system requirements including pipe flow analysis and pipe sizing.

    4. Operating Philosophy

      Preparation of basic design documents like Marine operating utilities philosophy, Piping Material Specification and valve material Specification, pipe thickness calculation, pump sizing calculation, design calculations for all utilities.

    5. Utilities Design

      Identification of all utility requirements and design of distribution and supply system according to requirements of the end consumers. Interface engineering between topside facilities and marine systems to meet the system requirements of consumers.

    6. 3-D Modelling

      Preparation of Intelligent 3D model for complete hull and Topside including structural modeling as per hull structural drawings, equipment modeling based on vendor drawings, Piping Modeling as per P&IDs and schematic drawings, Electrical and Instrumentation modeling as per hook up drawings and plot plans, HVAC and ventilation system modeling. Complete clash check and clash removal exercise for error free models.

    7. Data Collection

      In case of conversion, where existing hull of VLLC Tanker is used, 3D scanning of the machinery spaces and open deck area is carried out. The cloud model generation is based on 3D scanning and conversion of cloud model into intelligent 3D model (PDMS). This will be extremely critical to identify the modification of existing system, optimized space utilization and integration of new systems with existing systems of Oil tanker. Also better layout of Topside equipments on Main deck of Tanker will be achieved with available existing 3D Models.

    8. Procurement Support

      Procurement Engineering including the Generation of RFQ and defining the complete scope of work between equipment vendor and EPC contractor. Technical Evaluation of vendor offers and finalization of equipments details as per bid requirements and regulatory requirements. Technical Liaising with vendor to obtain the requirements for detailed engineering.

    9. HVAC And Ventilation Systems

      1. Heat load calculation for living quarters, switchgear rooms, control room and UPS room.
      2. Air Changes calculation for various machinery compartments based on type of equipments installed and regulatory requirements.
      3. HVAC and ventilation duct routings for desired air conditioning, pressure balancing, noise and vibration free air distribution. Also Routing of HVAC Duct and Ventilation ducts considering the offshore aspects like Cross flooding and progressive flooding, Spreading of Fire through HVAC and vent ducts.
      4. Deciding the correct location and arrangement of vent outlets on open deck with respect to load line requirements and stability requirements of FPSO. Also the isolation of vent ducts from Hazardous area to avoid the mixing of hazardous and non-hazardous environment.
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