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Structural Outfitting Engineering is being carried out for a brand new Semisubmersible Drilling Tender, being designed by a Singapore based leading Submersible designers in compliance with ABS MODU classification.

Structural design and engineering of foundations and supporting structures of various outfits are carried out based on the vendor documents and machinery arrangement drawings provided by the designer.

  1. Mooring Fairlead Foundation
  2. Anchor Racks and Foundation
  3. Crane Columns and Reinforcement
  4. Genset Foundations
  5. Mud Pump Foundation
  6. Cementing Unit Foundations
  7. PTB Foundations
  8. Life Boat Platform
  9. Mooring Winch Foundation
  10. Mooring Stowage Winch Foundations
  11. Helideck Truss and Support Structure
  12. Crane Boom Rests
  13. Fender Bumper Reinforcement
  14. Towing Bracket Foundations
  15. Bollard and Chock Foundations

Structural Engineering

  1. Finite Element Analysis of Foundations and Support Structure
  2. Panel Buckling and Ultimate Strength Analysis
  3. Shell Buckling and Ultimate Strength Analysis for Crane Column
  4. Hot Spot Fatigue Analysis of Foundations experiencing cyclic loading (Crane Columns, Mooring Winch Foundations and Fairlead Foundations)
  5. Dynamic and Resonance Analysis of Foundations with exciting Machineries (Genset, Mud Pump and Cementing Unit Foundations)
  6. Joint Strength Analysis of Tubular Joints
  7. ABS MODU Rule compliance
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