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Series 5&6 are Bethlehem type mat supported existing Jack up Drilling Units which are converted to Offshore Production Units for operation in Offshore Malaysia. On conversion the vessels are classed with BV as Offshore Self-Elevating Unit - Production, Offshore Peninsular Malaysia with a design life of 10 years. The detailed Conversion Engineering of the project involved the following.

Naval Architecture

  1. Weight & COG Control
  2. Lightship Estimation
  3. Inclining Experiment
  4. Intact Stability & Damage Stability Analysis
  5. Motion and Acceleration Analysis for Transit Route
  6. Accommodation Layout Engineering
  7. 3D Space Engineering
  8. Hazardous Zone and Safety Engineering
  9. Marine Operation Manual

Structural Engineering

  1. Dynamic Analysis of the Global Elevated Model
  2. Elevated Leg Strength Analysis
  3. Leg Reinforcement by flat bar strapping
  4. Jack House Analysis
  5. Initial Weibull Fatigue analysis of leg
  6. Spectral Fatigue analysis of leg and leg–mat connection
  7. Helideck Hull Interface Analysis
  8. Structural Outfitting Engineering
  9. 120' Burner Boom, Kingpost & Heat Shield Analysis

Marine Engineering

  1. Utilities P & Ids
  2. Ventilation Plans

Safety Engineering

  1. Escape Routes and Safety Plans
  2. Compliance with IMO MODU Code safety
  3. Compliance with BV Self Elevating Unit Rules

Layout Engineering

  1. 3D models and clash analysis
  2. Optimised accommodation and system layouts
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