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The project was executed in two phases. In the first phase, Unit – 6, an un-classed drilling unit was classified as a MODU with ABD and IMO MODU code complied.

In the second phase, Unit -6 was converted to a MOPU from a MODU and also upgraded to a higher environmental condition. The vessel has been successfully working in the waters off the coast of Thailand for the last five years.

FEED studies were conducted to establish the feasibility of the classification to MODU and subsequent conversion from a MODU to a MOPU. On completion of the FEED study, the following detailed engineering work was carried out by us:

  1. Enhanced Leg strength for Increase in leg length and for Higher Operating environment
  2. Addition of new raw water tower,
  3. Mooring arrangement
  4. Global analysis
  5. Safety Engineering
  6. Stability Studies and compliances
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