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We have successfully designed a variety of vessels for Marine Asset owners and shipyards. Our designs have been used successfully over the last few years to build over 200 vessels in South-East Asia and Middle East Asia.

Our designs extend to the following types of vessels catering to the needs of several types of companies:

River Barge Owners/Operators
  • Car Carrier barge
  • Gas Carrier Barges
  • Container Barges
  • Tanker Barges
  • Jack-up Construction Barges for Geotechnical Investigation and piling
  • Bridge Girder Lifting Barges
  • A-frame/Shear Leg Barges
  • Crane Pontoons
  • Caissons for Seawater Intake wells and other marine structures
  • Spud Barges
  • Special Structures viz. pile guides
Port &
  • Pollution Control Vessels
  • Lock Gate
  • Caisson Gates
  • Floating Jetties
  • Berthing pontoons with linkspans
  • Modular Cutter Suction Dredgers
  • Grab Dredgers
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